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  • Alainnah Knight

3 Tips For Staying Grounded During Transitions (It's Back-To-School Season!)

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

There are A LOT of transitions happening in everyone's life right now. Whether you are starting school, you have kiddo's who are starting school, maybe you're a teacher and going back to work, or you're going through another life transition! Regardless, it seems like everyone has a lot of big transitions happening right now and it can all feel a bit chaotic. It can feel like we have very little control and like it is all moving a little too fast (especially those kiddo's who are transitioning into school, middle school, and high school!).

Kate and her children on the first day of school standing on their porch in front of a field with grass and mountains behind
Kate and her kids on their first day of school!

What Does Being Grounded Mean?

Being grounded means that you have a present awareness of your body and a connection to the space around you. When we are grounded, we are able to stay in the moment and connected no matter what comes our way. Think of a tree, it is grounded through its roots and is able to withstand any wind that may come through. A tumbleweed is not grounded through roots and tends to move with any wind that comes through.

When we are grounded, we

are more resilient to the stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and all the other big emotions that come with transitions. We are able to acknowledge the impact of the wind without letting it completely take us over. We are able to flow through the transitions without feeling like they are too overwhelming.

How Do I Stay Grounded?

There are many ways to feel grounded, it is important to play around with what works best for you and makes you feel most connected to yourself and the space around you. Here are a few tips for explore staying grounded during a transition.

1. Routine

Having a routine can assist in staying grounded due to the stability and structure that it can provide. When we have a routine, we are taking the time to stick to the parts of our lives that are important to us. A morning routine is a wonderful way to start your day grounded. Here are a few things you may play around with adding to your morning routine to stay grounded throughout the day:

  • Meditation

  • Take time to eat breakfast (or sip your coffee!) with no phones

  • Go for a walk

  • Wash your face with cold water

2. Spend Time Outside

It is so easy to forget to spend time outside when we are in the midst of a transition. Spending time outside provides SO many benefits, but it can especially help us feel grounded. Whether that is spending 15 minutes outside in the morning or going on a hike on the weekends (or both!), prioritizing time outside during a transition can help you feel more grounded.

3. Journal

So many feelings and memories can arise during times of transition, when we journal those thoughts that arise we allow ourselves a space to explore what is coming up in this time of chaos. Journaling does not have to be writing out your thoughts. It can be speaking out your thoughts into a voice note, a piece of art, a song, or maybe a dance! Find the form of journaling for you that feels most grounding and freeing.


Explore the ways of grounding that work best for you and your journey. Remember to give yourself so much compassion during these times and to listen to the needs of your body. Your cup can only fill other's cups if it's full, how are you filling your cup?


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