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Services We Offer

Holistic Hive Co. believes in meeting each individual as a whole and addressing the root causes of many mental health concerns. We offer a range of services that are tailored to meet each person's unique needs in this part of their journey.


Whether you are looking for traditional talk therapy or wanting to learn more about alternative options to traditional therapy, we offer a variety of treatment options that are cultivated specifically to your journey and needs. 

Our Fee's

45 Min Session

90 Min Session

120 Min Psychedelic Somatic Integrated Psychotherapy (PSIP) Session




We require a credit card be kept on file and payment will be charged at the time of service. We utilize SimplePractice, a HIPAA compliant platform, to process all payments. You will have access to update your payment information at any time. We accept payment via debit, credit, FSA, and HSA. 

Holistic Hive Co. does not accept insurance. We understand that utilizing your insurance is important in order to keep costs low. However, using medical insurance for counseling has some risks involved that we want to make you aware of. In order to use your medical insurance for counseling, you must be given a mental disorder diagnosis and that diagnosis will become a part of your permanent medical record. Having a mental diagnosis on your record may carry long-term implications on your future choices. Additionally, filing an insurance claim means your diagnosis, dates of service, etc., are no longer totally confidential, therefore, your insurance company will be aware of your treatment and diagnosis.Due to these implications, we do not accept insurance. We want to help you with your journey – not potentially cause more problems or barriers later due to a diagnosis on your records.

Hopefully, this knowledge will help prevent any unwanted emotional, relational, and financial stress that may be caused by having a mental disorder diagnosis on your medical record. For individuals who understand the risks involved with being given a mental diagnosis and would like to continue with utilizing your insurance, we can provide a SuperBill via email on the 10th of every month for you to submit to your insurance company and be reimbursed as an out-of-network provider. If you have further questions about this, please ask your therapist in your consultation session!

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