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  • Alainnah Knight

8 Practices For Self-Discovery Outside of Therapy

Everyone deserves a journey of self-discovery. Therapy can be a wonderful space for that, but it doesn't happen JUST in the therapy office. Therapy is a tool alongside many other practices. Practices that cultivate a space to connect with your body, connect with those around you, to build resilience to sit with uncomfortable emotions, and so much more. So maybe you're looking for some practices to add on to therapy or maybe you're not quite ready for therapy but would like to learn more about yourself and heal, let's talk about a few different practices for self-discovery!

A mountain of self-discovery

Practices (Outside of Therapy) For Self-Discovery


When we journal we are giving movement to our emotion and giving ourselves the space to process. Writing down our thoughts, or speaking our thoughts out loud, can help us learn more about our thought processes and the patterns we may find ourselves in. There is so much you can learn about yourself when sitting down with a pen and paper.


Yoga encourages the connection of breath to movement, which requires you to slow down and notice the reactions within your body and mind. When we are connected with body, we are able to listen and honor the cues that our body is providing us daily, which is a great foundation for self-discovery.


Meditation can help us slow down and gain focus, which increases our awareness. Gaining awareness is an important part of self-discovery, if we are not aware of a pattern that we are engaging in, we can't learn about it. Meditation can help us notice our thoughts and emotions without judgment or an opinion, but rather to be curious and explore more about ourselves.


There are an abundance of books written by therapists, doctors, psychologists, healers, etc. that offer amazing knowledge to increase self-discovery. Reading about how our brain works, the nervous system, trauma, or anything that resonates with you is a wonderful way to explore and be curious. You may learn more about yourself or learn which books you REALLY hate, either way you are collecting data about yourself!


Engaging in a consistent self-care practice can teach you a lot about yourself. When we take care of ourselves, we tend to function and operate a bit more efficient. Notice what you learn about yourself when you add in self-care to your routine.


Spending time in nature can give you space to slow down and quiet down, noticing a little more about your experience in this world. Whether it be a picnic in the forest or a strenuous hike up a mountain, there is so much that nature can teach you about yourself if you just listen.


Let yourself create art with no intention, just flow. When we give ourselves the space of openness, it is often amazing what we are capable of creating. Whatever medium of art you prefer, allow yourself the space and time to create whatever you are feeling drawn to. And remember: sometimes it's not about the art, it's about what happens to the artist in the process.


Just like books, there are an array of podcasts that offer some amazing information on anything and everything self-discovery. Podcasts are not only a form of education, but also a great way for people to share their story, which creates the opportunity for connection and validation. Hearing another person's story or experience can teach you quite a bit about yourself at times.


This journey of yours is uniquely beautiful to YOU, so learn what helps you connect and learn more about yourself in a way that feels right to you. And remember, these are never replacements for therapy, just supplements!

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