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Behind The Name: Holistic Hive Co.

The word 'holistic' slightly curved on top of a brain that holds a human with roots flowing down the brain stem sitting alongside a river that is flowing through both sides. The human has branches growing out of their head. The brain is a lighter gray color. Underneath the brain are the words 'Hive Co." with the words "Counseling. Community. Connection." directly beneath. The logo is on a clear background and the words are black.
Holistic Hive Co. Logo

The name Holistic Hive Co holds so much value for how we practice (and a great love for bee's of course)! We sought a name that intended to represent a whole aspect of the human experience and the importance of connection to it all. As we are humans ourselves, we know that life can be messy and sticky (like honey!) and can also be filled with connection and community (like a hive!), and are here to embrace the seasons of it all with you.

Why Holistic?

We understand that there are an array of parts to the human experience that are so beautifully individualistic to each person, so we approach each human in that way. Each part of us holds so much importance and should be addressed when talking about a journey of healing. These parts can be your mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and others that are important to you! And we know we are unable to fully attain each of our aspects with just our work in counseling, which is why we call in our hive for the parts our clinicians aren't able to attain.

Why Hive?

Our Hive is a collective of individuals that hold the same values and intentions to cultivate a journey of holistic health. We want to be able to connect you with areas that may not be our expertise outside of mental health. We have cultivated a Hive to create options and freedom in what feels best for you and your system on your journey. We understand connection and community are just as important as counseling, so we want to create a space that encourages empowerment in these aspects.

Why Co.?

Counseling. Community. Connection. But SO much more also! Our intention is to cultivate a collaborative, a collective, a connection throughout the community of Colorado, while having fun (comedy)!

Why Holistic Hive Co.?

Besides our love for bees, we found great meaning in the importance of a hive in the holistic approach. We wanted to represent the collaboration of it all and the small part that we would love to be in your journey. Thank you for being here!

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