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  • Alainnah Knight

Let's Explore Your Inner-Child

You are still the child you once were. You are most likely a grown, more developed, hopefully matured, version of the child you once were, but that child is still (and will always) be a apart of you. When we disregard that child, we are disregarding a part of ourselves that will always find it's way back. So quite frankly, it may be easier just to acknowledge that child and give it the compassion that it deserves.

A wonderful way to explore your inner-child is to journal. Journaling can empower you to unravel thoughts and embrace the unconscious mind to show you parts of yourself that have gotten pushed away while disregarding that younger version of yourself. Here are a few journal prompts to help you explore your inner child.

Journaling while sitting on a couch with a black goldendoodle on the lap

5 Journal Prompts to Explore Your Inner Child:

1. What is your biggest fear in life? What would you do if it happened? How would you feel?

2. What parts of your parents do you notice in yourself? What traits are you inheriting from them? Are there any cycles you notice your family being a part of?

3. What makes you most drained? What were you doing the last time you felt drained? Who were you with? What could you have used in the moment?

4. What do you hold onto that hurts you still? What part of you is still holding on?

5. Do you prefer change or do you avoid it? Why?


Be kind with yourself and allow yourself the freedom to explore without judgement. Write without expectation, let your thoughts surprise you! When you notice an uncomfortable feeling coming up, practice compassion for the younger version of yourself.

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