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Why Set Boundaries With Yourself? 6 Ways To Explore Setting Boundaries With Yourself

When we talk about the importance of setting boundaries to keep us safe and protect our peace, we often think about setting boundaries with those around us. But did you know that setting boundaries with yourself is just as important? Setting boundaries with yourself can cultivate an experience of trust and safety within ourselves. Let's talk a little more about the importance of setting boundaries with ourselves and different ideas to start exploring with!

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Why Are Setting Boundaries With Yourself Important?

Boundaries are a way to protect our space, energy, and relationships. Boundaries show us that we are worthy of respect and being valued. We set boundaries with others when we see that their actions, words, or presence are impacting us in a way that does not align with our values and morals. Boundaries with ourself are important to hold ourself accountable and to determine what is working and not working for us within our life. Just as boundaries help us build trust and respect with others, boundaries within ourself can also help us build trust and respect. Let's talk about a few ways to set boundaries with ourselves.

Ways To Set Boundaries With Yourself

Holding Yourself Accountable To Routine

Whether that be a nighttime routine, a morning routine, or maybe an after work routine, hold yourself accountable to a routine. Start small with maybe one or two steps to the routine, then add on as you build confidence. Setting a boundary to stick to a routine (even on those days that you may want to skip it) can help you build confidence, trust, and respect within yourself. It is also a wonderful way to transition from different parts of your day.

Take Time For Yourself

Do you find yourself spending quite a bit of time being social or taking care of others? Schedule some time for yourself where you do what YOU want to do. Set aside time each week, or maybe even each day! It can be easy to put off taking even just ten minutes for yourself, but setting a boundary to come back to yourself and recenter can do beautiful things for your relationship with yourself.

Maintaining A Budget

Financial boundaries are important for many aspects of our well-being. A budget is a boundary around our finances and what we are willing and are not willing to spend our money on. When we have boundaries around finances, we can build trust and confidence within ourselves and decrease financial stress that may be present.

Limit Screen-Time

It can be SO easy to get stuck in a scroll cycle, hop on our phone when we're bored, or use it as a distraction. Setting a boundary of how much screen-time you are okay with yourself having (and sticking to it) can allow us to create balance within screen-time and improve our overall well-being.

Explore 'Why' If Are Making Excuses

Start with exploring WHY you are making those excuses. Is it a boundary that actually needs to be set? Is there a deeper issue that is needing to be addressed? What fears or doubts within yourself are coming up? Making excuses is another part of the process. By acknowledging these excuses we can start to bring awareness to what we may be avoiding. And the first step is always awareness!

Say No More (Or Maybe Yes)

Whether you are the type of person who says 'yes' to everything or says 'no' to everything, boundaries can be a great way to find balance! Like stated earlier, if you are constantly being social, doing things for everyone, and not taking time for yourself, maybe it's time to set the boundary of saying 'no' more often. On the other hand, if you notice that you are turning down opportunities because of feeling uncomfy, then maybe setting the boundary to say 'yes' a little more often.


If you notice resistance to boundaries within yourself, explore that, be curious! Ask yourself what boundaries mean to you, what have boundaries meant to you in the past? Just as if you were trying anything else new, don't forget to give yourself compassion and grace. Thank you for being here!

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